Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Tires

If you notice the treads on your car tires are shallow, you should know it is time for a replacement. It is vital to have good tires to improve the car’s maneuverability and handling while minimizing stopping distance, even on slippery roads. However, buying new tires for a vehicle can be a tricky balancing act. You need to spend a reasonable amount and at the same time, get quality tires. Therefore, you should take time and research to ensure you find the best tires before purchasing. Also, you need to avoid some mistakes when shopping for tires.

Below are some of the mistakes to avoid when purchasing tires:

Focusing Mainly on Price

focussing on priceFirst-time buyers can make the mistake that cost is the only factor when purchasing new tires or wheels for their cars. It does not matter if you need a replacement or want to upgrade for better performance or racing wheel, but the quality is paramount. That is not to say that you cannot purchase on a budget since you need to stick to a price range that works best for you.

On the contrary, you can benefit when you shop around for the best deal. However, since the tires are crucial to your car, you need to ensure they can keep you safe and perform well.

Changing Tires When Not Necessary

a tire shopWhen buying tires, you waste money when you change them before it is necessary. If you check the tires and find the tread depth in good shape, you control your car well, and the ride is smooth, then you don’t have to buy new wheels. However, when the tires are on their way out and you have no past problems, you can purchase the same new brand instead of switching to a new brand that you have not to experience.

Guessing the Size

trying to guess the sizeAt times, you might think that you can guess the correct size for your car tires. Unfortunately, it leads to problems that have to be fixed. It would help if you got the right measurement for bolt patterns, backspacing, hub bore, negative offset, and positive offset to select the wheels.

Luckily, tire fitment calculators will help you to figure out exact numbers. Alternatively, you can take the vehicle to a professional to get accurate measurements.

Relying Only on Pictures

Unfortunately, some tire shoppers use only online pictures. Although manufacturers can have accurate images of their stocks at times, some are just generic photos. Then when you get the actual tires, they may not be what you expected. You can avoid such a mistake by physically shopping for your tires. Ensure that you see and touch such tires to confirm it is what you need.

A Buying Guide for a Jump Starter

Most of the modern vehicles run on gasoline engines an. A jump starter is a useful device used to jump start vehicles. These batteries come in different sizes and models that car owners can choose from. Buying the right battery starter will ensure that you are not stuck on the road when the battery fails. Some of the common types of jump starters that you can find in the current market include portable jump starters, jump cables and battery chargers. Ideally, you should choose a battery that meets your budget and needs. This post is going to guide you in picking the right battery starter for your vehicle.

Shape and Size of the Starter

a battery starter

Jump starts come in different shapes, designs, and sizes that people can choose from. The size of a jump starter is one the factors that determine the price of a jump starter. The size of the jump starters chosen depends on the size of the engine. For instance, small engines need small starter since they require less to trim them over. The device chosen should be portable. Also, consider the size of your storage facility since you will be required to store your device when it is not in use.

Its Features

One must jump start his vehicle when restarting it since the performance of a car battery declines with time. Jump starters are well-designed and have certain features that affect their performance. In addition to this, they come with additional feature that optimize their function. Such features include SB plug, charge indicators, and LED lighting. It is, therefore, important to consider those features before making your purchase.

Its Charging Specifications

Findings show that many people don’t understand the electronic system of their cars. Going through your vehicles manual can help you know how to jump your vehicle. Again, this can help you choosing a device that meets the needs and requirements of your vehicle. A good battery should have enough current to jumpstart a vehicle.

Furthermore, a jump start should be safe and easy to use. For this reasons, you should look for a device that has safeguards that can automatically turn or off the sound and power system when the cables are not connected in the right manner. One should be very careful not to reverse the polarity of his/her power cables since this is an issue that can damage the car’s battery.

Finding the Best Dealer When Buying Car Parts

Vehicles have become significant assets for many people. Without them traveling from one place to another will be challenging. To use your car for a long time, you must always maintain it. This includes changing different parts that might be damaged.

Finding the right dealer for car parts like coilovers can be challenging. Finding the right dealer will be significant in getting suitable parts for your vehicles.

If you are having a hard time choosing a dealer, there is no need to worry. Here are some of the factors that will be crucial in helping you find the right auto parts dealer.


engineWhether we like it or not, money tends to be an essential factor when buying various items. One of the crucial things you should consider before choosing an auto parts dealer is the price of the parts you want to purchase.

It is crucial to note that each person has a given amount of cash they are willing to spend on car parts. Choose a dealer selling part at prices that you can comfortably afford. You can find a dealer that sells at a price you prefer by doing some research.

You should go through various websites or go to several shops and compare the price of different parts. Through this, you can find a dealer that sells at a fair price.


The next factor that you should consider when choosing a dealer to buy car parts from is reputation. The reputation a dealer has will be significant in determining the quality of auto parts you purchase.

Some retailers are taking advantage of car owners by selling parts that are not genuine. To avoid such dealers, you should only buy from a retailer known for selling quality and genuine car parts. You can talk to some clients or read reviews online to find the best dealer.


Apart from reputation and the price of auto parts, you should consider the license a dealer has. As mentioned above, some dealers are selling auto parts that are not genuine.

Such dealers tend not to have the required license to operate their businesses. Ensure that you only buy from a dealer that is licensed by a recognized body to sell car parts.

Please ensure that you consider the mentioned tips when looking for a dealer of auto parts. Finding the right dealer will be crucial in getting quality and genuine car parts.

Tips for Purchasing New Suspension System

If your car is losing that smooth run that you used to enjoy when traveling off-road, then you need to have a mechanic check its suspensions.  If you decide to buy new suspensions for your vehicle, there are some points that you need to consider. You may also have to talk to your favorite mechanic about your wish to buy your car new suspension system. A good mechanic should be able to advise you about the different suspensions available for your car brand. When setting out to buy suspensions, you need to consider these important points.


Suspension System

It is not only essential to know your car brand, but it is also necessary that you know the ideal suspensions for your car. Currently, some companies manufacture counterfeit spare parts for vehicles. You need to avoid this counterfeits since most of them are not made professionally and lack durability. Buying original suspension system for your car brand is essential to make your ride more comfortable and smooth.


When buying car suspensions it is not only vital that you buy the original suspensions, it is also essential that you purchase durable spares. Buying spares that are durable allow you to save on your investment. Buying cheap but fake spares will not guarantee you of durability, this fake spare may even damage your car instead of upgrading it to a smooth drive.


wheelWhenever a person needed to buy a car, availability of spares was considered a major concern. That may be true today depending on where you stay. But the good news is that, with internet technology, now you cannot be afraid of not lack the original spares. By searching your car brand on the internet, you will be able to find virtually any spare part you want for that car. To make it even better, in this generation you can order for your car suspensions system online and have them delivered to your doorstep.


Quality spare parts can be a bit expensive, but the best part about buying quality suspensions is that they do not spoil or get broken quickly. Some people like buying cheap things but this has proven to be costly in the long run. When purchasing suspension system for your car, you are investing in your vehicle. And your investment should serve you for longer for you to enjoy.